Area & Perimeter


L.I I can measure and calculate the and perimeter of


Today we went on a website called Maths Playground, on the website we played a game where we had to measure a square/rectangle and write their length, width, area and perimeter.

Some of us got chosen by the teacher to measure the triangle’s base, height and area.

Today I learnt how to measure the area of a triangle!

The link for the website is: http://






Yesterday we had an ANZAC WOW Day. I was in group 3, First I made a paper Slouch hat. Then I made a poppy out of paper and a straw. Last of all I made, wait for it… ANZAC BISCUITS!!! At the end of the day we got 1 ANZAC Biscuit each and it was, wait for it again… SCRUMMY!!!! Anyway that is how it went.


Writing Piece for Learning Portfolio


I Am Poem

I am a Video Game Wizard and Loyal

I wonder if I will become the world’s greatest rugby league player

I hear my sisters fighting

I see Fiji

I want a pet pug

I am a Video Game Wizard and Loyal

I pretend to be my favourite NRL players

I feel my pet cat

I touch Thor’s hammer

I worry that one day I will get robbed

I cry because one of my grandpas are dead

I am a Video Game Wizard and Loyal

I understand that Santa isn’t real

I say that a child should play video games at least once a week

I dream that I play in the NRL

I try to be my best a basketball

I hope I will be good at rugby

I am a Video Game Wizard and Loyal

The End 🙂