Reflection- Alliteration


Today I wrote an alliteration, it was of the letter K, I would like to improve the decoration, I liked the place I put the poem. I’m sort of proud of this particular piece of work



Area & Perimeter


L.I I can measure and calculate the and perimeter of


Today we went on a website called Maths Playground, on the website we played a game where we had to measure a square/rectangle and write their length, width, area and perimeter.

Some of us got chosen by the teacher to measure the triangle’s base, height and area.

Today I learnt how to measure the area of a triangle!

The link for the website is: http://






Yesterday we had an ANZAC WOW Day. I was in group 3, First I made a paper Slouch hat. Then I made a poppy out of paper and a straw. Last of all I made, wait for it… ANZAC BISCUITS!!! At the end of the day we got 1 ANZAC Biscuit each and it was, wait for it again… SCRUMMY!!!! Anyway that is how it went.


Writing Piece for Learning Portfolio


I Am Poem

I am a Video Game Wizard and Loyal

I wonder if I will become the world’s greatest rugby league player

I hear my sisters fighting

I see Fiji

I want a pet pug

I am a Video Game Wizard and Loyal

I pretend to be my favourite NRL players

I feel my pet cat

I touch Thor’s hammer

I worry that one day I will get robbed

I cry because one of my grandpas are dead

I am a Video Game Wizard and Loyal

I understand that Santa isn’t real

I say that a child should play video games at least once a week

I dream that I play in the NRL

I try to be my best a basketball

I hope I will be good at rugby

I am a Video Game Wizard and Loyal

The End 🙂

ANZAC Day- Inquiry Question


This term we are learning about ANZAC Day. These are my questions.

1. What is the Gallipoli Campaign?

2. Why would young people want to fight in the war?

3. Who were the bravest/most heroic soldiers when fighting?

Hello world!


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